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Advisory Council

Femi Oye

Co Founder / CEO

Femi Oye, CEO & Co-founder of SMEFUNDS, an International Social Enterprise fighting to end poverty through the promotion of sustainable enterprise development in Africa. The platform, SMEFUNDS accelerates the flow of finance to SMEs in Africa using social investments and ethical financial intermediation solutions.

SME FUNDS invest in ethical, green enterprises by creating linkages & capital to transform ideas into thriving businesses while creating jobs, improve women's livelihood & move the poor out of poverty. A Renewable Energy Senator, recipient Several Awards, Conference speaker, IT visionary, Investor, Conference and Business Speaker on SDG, Climate Change & Clean Energy

For over 15 years, Femi has continued to harness his strengths and resources toward evolving visionary entrepreneurs ending poverty in Africa through the creation of job opportunities, increasing productivity and providing mentorship.

Femi Oye is a world travelled Conference Speaker with Businesses, UN Global Compact, United Nations Foundation, African Development Bank (AfDb), IFC, Global Environmental Facility (GEF), Danish Government, USAID, DFID, European Union, ECREEE, UNFCCC, Nigerian Government's addressing Global issues such as Entrepreneurship, Investments, Clean Energy, Poverty, Climate Change, Clean Cook Stoves, Microfinance, Solar Mini Grids, Biofuels and Sustainable Development.