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Jenny Dawson

Rubies in the Rubble

Jenny Dawson is the founder of 'Rubies in the Rubble' - a brand passionate about food and our planet.

In 2011, after seeing a need for a revolution in the way we value and manage our resources, she set up a food brand making delicious products from fruit and vegetables that would otherwise be discarded due to shape, size or colour.

Rubies has received numerous awards for their innovative approach to creating a food business and there products are stocked across the UK. They are continuing to develop new products and are investing in a larger production site to launch their products further a field.

Guided by their ethos, and trusted for making great products, the future holds many other lines for them to branch into but for now its all about great tasting relish - a perfect way of preserving surplus fruit and veg!

Love your Food, Love your Planet.